This is the easiest & most familiar way khổng lồ adjust CS 1.1 buttons for many gamers, but you can also edit function or action keys depending on your playing habits.

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How to adjust the CS 1.1 button, also known as Half Life, is one of the most important settings for anyone who plays CS 1.1. Many people are not familiar with the default control settings with cs 1.1 so players often change the cs 1.1 button which has long been a 2nd mặc định control setting.

How to lớn install buttons in CS 1.1 has many ways according khổng lồ the habits of each gamer. However, the most common button adjustment will be below the instructions below.

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Instructions to lớn fix Counter Strike 1.1 buttons

Step 1: First, go to lớn the Play CS menu


Step 2: Next select Controls.


When in the button panel, select the button you want lớn change & enter và then type the button you want lớn change. Action is the kích hoạt column, Key / Button is an attached key, Alternate is the secondary key.

Press Enter on the mặc định key in the Key / Button column, then click on the key you want lớn change.

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To help you adjust cs 1.1 button more easily, please follow the picture. Modified buttons include:

Buy Menu: Buy gun keyBuy Primary Ammo (Optional): Buy primary weapon ammoBuy Secondary Ammo (Optional): Buy extra weapon ammoBuy Equipment thực đơn (Optional): Buy armor, blind bombs, explosive bombs, smoke bombs .Weapon Special Funtion: Sight function, silencer assembly .Reload Weapon: Change bulletsDrop Current Weapon: Throw weapon in hand.


Please arrange the following order of keys, or change them to lớn the one you are familiar with.


Go khổng lồ the keys lớn move & function:

Use item, open the door, press the button, turn on the light .: EndMove Left (strafe): LeftMove Right (strafe): RightJump: Jump


You can adjust the keys as shown below, with MOUSE2 that is your right mouse.


Finally, the number keys, scroll down & select from the Menu tòa tháp 1 to 9 keys.


And adjust the order of keys 1 khổng lồ 9 with the keyboard as shown below. Then click OK to save, bởi vì not click Cancel .


So you”ve just adjusted the Counter Strike 1.1 button, most gamers use the right hand key rather than the left hand keys.