download videos from thousands of sites with just one click! Download clip from thousands of sites, including YouTube, Facebook, TikTok – all in one click! Watch while you download. Subscribe khổng lồ your preferred YouTube Channels for auto-downloads of your favorite content. Enjoy unlimited tốc độ and quality up to 4K. On the go? Tag videos on your phone with nuhoangthoitrang.vnPlayer Mobile, & they will be automatically added to your PC library.

Enjoy your videos on the big screen!

Play any video format. Bring your videos live khổng lồ your TV with Chromecast. Cast & stream directly from your nuhoangthoitrang.vnPlayer library và enjoy your nội dung from your couch with big picture và sound. Not ready to cast? nuhoangthoitrang.vnPlayer supports CD và DVD playback and burning.

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Connect to nuhoangthoitrang.vnPlayer Mobile và access your content from anywhere.

nuhoangthoitrang.vnPlayer PC và Mobile are tightly integrated so you can take your truyền thông library on the road: access, stream & sync your truyền thông even when not connected to lớn your home network-- your videos are never more than a click away. It’s child play to transfer videos taken on your phone lớn your PC, & you can keep your content safe và accessible with Cloud back-up.

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Automatically find celebs & organize your video library by people

Instantly identify famous people in your videos và find fun facts. Save time và automatically create folders and tag videos by people you know. Browse, search, & discover people in all your videos. Simply opt-in lớn enable the feature at any time.

(US và Canada only)

Play & burn DVDs*

Create professional CDs and DVDs with built-in burning software. Burn your favorite playlists or videos with just the click of a button.

Simplify your life with all your truyền thông in one place.

Organize your truyền thông library all in one place so you can find what you want, when you need it. Access to lớn all content in the new My media tab. Create mixed playlists for videos & music with easy drag và drop. Declutter và automatically scan your library to lớn remove duplicate videos*. Mô tả your favorite truyền thông with friends and family.