The reality though? Figuring out how to make your sale click with a younger crowd is easier than you think.

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Let’s look at the characteristics of this generational group also known as “digital natives.” gene Zers are progressive, more racially và ethnically diverse than the generations before them, & on track to lớn be the best educated generation. This generation also avoids labeling themselves, is radically inclusive và takes time to lớn evaluate all of their options before committing khổng lồ a purchase.

Understanding what makes this younger generation tick is a must if marketers want to take advantage of gen Z’s massive spending power. & having a pulse on what young consumers want not only opens brands up lớn new business but also ensures they aren’t missing out on key social media trends.

10 social strategies for kinh doanh to ren Z

Historically, kinh doanh to younger customers has been tricky.

Demographic data can be difficult khổng lồ track. Kinh doanh trends come và go.

That said, the outspoken và chronically online nature of ren Z makes learning their buying behavior much less of a guessing game.

Treating gen Z like a singular block is a surefire way to come off as out of touch. It’s also key that brands learn to lớn bridge the gap between gen Z and other generations, including Millennials. For all the similarities the two generations share, connecting with members of gene Z starts with understanding their distinct online behaviors & social preferences.

With that, let’s dive in!

1. Emphasize eye-catching, visual content

When it comes to lớn social media, 81% of gen Z say Instagram & YouTube are their preferred social networks of choice. And when asked which networks gen Z wants lớn see brands use more of, 56% said Instagram while 38% pointed to lớn YouTube.

Given gene Z’s appetite for short-form video content, marketers should consider incorporating visual platforms into their strategies và developing bite-sized content like Instagram Stories.

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Short-form clip that uses overlays, visual effects & music has proven khổng lồ be sale gold for influencers and brands alike. Look no further than the recent boom of TikTok as evidence of this phenomenon. With over 680 million users worldwide & 25% of TikTok users in the US between the ages of 10-19, TikTok is a vital component of any brand’s strategy to lớn connect with gen Z.

Video and stylized visual nội dung should be a top priority for catching the eyes of younger customers. In the wake of so many new apps, social features and creative filters, anything that’s considered static or “boring” won’t stand a chance with “Zoomers.”

2. Experiment with interactive content

When it comes khổng lồ capturing ren Z’s attention on social, research suggests using a combination of creativity & interactivity.

In other words, younger customers want to bởi something—tap, swipe, click—when they land on your posts.

Anything you can bởi to encourage interaction or conversation on social is a plus. For example: consider using interactive features like polls that do double duty of learning about customers và winning their attention, too.

A Twitter poll is a quick và easy way to encourage engagement among your followers và also inspire new ideas for future content.

If you could ask for advice from another social marketer, what would it be about?

— Sprout Social (
Instagram features like polls, stickers và sliders can provide additional interactive pizzaz to your Stories and in-feed posts.


Interactive nội dung is also helpful in encouraging customers khổng lồ make purchasing decisions. Brands like Topshop, that chia sẻ a significant ren Z and Millennial customer base, feature quizzes on their sites khổng lồ help shoppers identify the styles that speak khổng lồ their personality. The combination of interactivity & personalization is key when speaking to lớn younger shoppers who want to tư vấn brands that value them as individuals.

3. Tap in their FOMO with time-sensitive posts

When sale to gen Z, consider how you might tap into your audience’s fear of missing out (FOMO).

Instagram Stories, for example, allow brands to drive time-sensitive engagement & become a constant fixture in their followers’ feeds via notifications. In addition to Stories, Instagram released a new feature called Drops, helping brands create buzz for upcoming launches that are available only for a limited amount of time.

D ✨R ✨O ✨P ✨S ✨

Every week, you can cửa hàng new drops right on Instagram. You can also see upcoming ones và sign up for reminders.

Go lớn your shopping tab and tap "Drops"