What is the Express Mail Service?

The Express Mail Service, or EMS, was an idea developed by the UPU to help improve the international post & parcel delivery efficiency. Today, it is the fastest cross-border postal service and is utilized specifically by the booming eCommerce & online marketplace sectors lớn offer rapid delivery on products purchased overseas.The creation of the EMS Cooperative in 1998, by administrators of the UPU (the Postal Operations Council).

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The EMS Cooperative has the wider aim of promoting the development of EMS postal services worldwide.Today, the EMS Cooperative is a major part of the UPU with more than 180 thành viên countries working together lớn make EMS (the fastest cross-border postal product) work. EMS services deliver some 8 million packages every week & boast some 178 designated operators. Membership to EMS is voluntary.

How does EMS work?

EMS is a global delivery service promising the fastest turnaround on domestic & international postal delivery. The vi xử lý core product is an advanced delivery system where the customer pays a surcharge to ensure the quickest possible delivery time. It is a service for domestic và international mail.

The reason why EMS is usually quicker is that it is not a single courier but an association of couriers working together lớn deliver products, thus expanding each other"s individual capacity to lớn deliver worldwide.Indeed, postal services in around 200 countries và territories worldwide have come together lớn offer this premium end-to-end service.

The EMS Cooperative, which manages EMS, is structured into three groups:

The General Assembly (GA): The GA consists of all members of the EMS Cooperative,The EMS Cooperative Board: This board is made up of seven elected members và finallyThe EMS Unit, which is the secretariat of the Cooperative.

What are the main features of EMS parcel delivery?

EMS"s ability to access such a huge network of postal offices, means that it can boast the most customer access points in the world. This in turn, also means that it can provide the largest last-mile coverage globally, all with the tư vấn of its worldwide postal service backing.

EMS items can be sent from a post office counter or collected from a customer"s premises, among a variety of other convenient options.

The main features providing to lớn be a success for EMS delivery include:

Acceptance at any post office or pick up from a customer"s premisesPriority handling from initial acceptance to lớn final destination deliverySignature at deliveryDelivery to addressee"s premises

Customers interest in taking advantage of EMS postal delivery services can find out more information by visiting the EMS cooperative website.

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How long does EMS shipping take?

EMS shipment delivery times will vary not only because there are numerous postal services offering EMS but also because it will depend on the form size and weight of your package, the transportation method, and the final destination. However, on average delivery times vary from 2-5 days within the same continent, 5-7 days khổng lồ the USA, & 10-12 days for other, more remote destinations.

How vì I track my trung quốc Post EMS parcel?

You can track any EMS parcel, including đài loan trung quốc Post EMS parcels, through the nuhoangthoitrang.vn universal tracking platform. Simply copy and paste your tracking number on to the site and nuhoangthoitrang.vn"s global tracking system will find the latest location and status information on your parcel. nuhoangthoitrang.vn can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and its multi-courier tracking functionality means it is a one-stop-shop for all your tracking needs.

What is a standard EMS tracking number?

Typically, EMS tracking number will have 13 characters, with the first character being a capital letter, followed by different variations of 9 numbers and capital letters & ending with two capital letters. Which country a parcel is sent from will determine the variation, but each tracking ID will be an individual parcel, allowing you to track your parcel"s movement worldwide. To get universal tracking, copy and paste your tracking number onto the nuhoangthoitrang.vn trang web for multiple couriers, comprehensive tracking capability. (All EMS packages will be assigned a quality tracking number before they are shipped.)

How vị I ship with EMS?

You can ship your parcel with any national postal service offering EMS delivery options. Over 180 countries offer EMS shipping, including the china Post EMS, nhật bản Post, và even Cambodia Post! khổng lồ ship your parcel with EMS, visit the EMS trang web or tương tác your nearest national postal service lớn see if they provide EMS delivery. To track your parcel once you have chosen your EMS delivery service, use nuhoangthoitrang.vn"s powerful tracking tool for true end-to-end EMS tracking. nuhoangthoitrang.vn"s universal tracking system can provide tracking information for both EMS & registered standard shipping, including with private couriers, so make nuhoangthoitrang.vn your one-stop siêu thị for tracking when you send a package!

How has EMS been developing as a service?

Since its creation, the EMS Cooperative has worked to strengthen EMS delivery services & the overall product. Some of these features include:

EMS Operational Guide & online databaseAudit & Measurement ProgrammeEMS Standards for performanceEMS Product and delivery trainingEMS Standard Agreement và General ProceduresEMS Customer Service System (CSS) for international EMS inquiries

One of the latest EMS developments, known as the Electronic Advance Data (EAD) has ensured better security, a reduction in delays, and improved customer experience. Due to EAD roll-out success, from 2021, postal operators sending items internationally must transmit EADs.

The EMS Cooperative organized a global workshop khổng lồ provide EMS members with the latest information on international EAD requirements. Examples of best practice included A china Post presentation on EAD implementation.

Can EMS be trusted lớn send parcels internationally?

EMS is operated but lots of different postal services, therefore there is a mixture of đánh giá online depending on which operator a sender chose to use the EMS service with.

However, EMS is an international postal mail service created by the biggest postal union in the world, the UPU. EMS delivers around 8 million packages per week and its premium service offers the speediest delivery turnaround on parcels and packages internationally.

Also, every year the "EMS market và traffic survey" provides operators with the latest global insights & regional trends regarding EMS. This kinh doanh intelligence ensures the continued development of EMS operators by keeping them up lớn date with emerging challenges. Furthermore, this foresight helps companies make strategic decisions that improve EMS for customers overall.

How are EMS services rated?

Bronze, silver, and gold awards are given out lớn EMS operators every year depending on their yearly performance. These EMS award winners are recorded in the EMS half of fame. Many transportations & logistics firms offer services similar khổng lồ EMS (such as express delivery options with DHL và FedEx), however, EMS has still proven popular (such as đài loan trung quốc Post EMS), despite private courier competition. The EMS cooperation continues to strive for the best practices in EMS, with year-on-year investment in EMS development supported by the UPU.