Want to lớn Remote Play Together and not sure what to lớn do? Here"s how to access và use the Steam feature.

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Steam"s Remote Play Together is a fantastic way to nội dung local co-op games online, but did you know it can get even better? With Remote Play Together Invite Anyone, your friends can jump in at any time, even if they don"t have a Steam account or have the client installed.

Let"s explore how to lớn access this new feature và how you can use it khổng lồ get your friends in the game.

What Is Remote Play Together Invite Anyone?

The mặc định version of Remote Play Together allows a friend to connect khổng lồ your PC & play a local co-op trò chơi alongside you, no matter where you are. For that feature lớn work, your friend previously needed to have Steam installed & logged in with an account, albeit they didn"t need khổng lồ own the game.

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Remote Play Together Invite Anyone aims lớn remove the part where your friend needs a Steam account và client. Instead, you give them a liên kết they can use lớn join you. The link will ask your friend to tải về and install the Steam link app, after which they can connect and play with you.

How khổng lồ Use Remote Play Together Invite Anyone

At the time of writing, Remote Play Together Invite Anyone has just left the beta branch of Steam & is now on the main Steam Client. You shouldn"t need to vày anything special khổng lồ get the feature. However, make sure you connect Steam lớn the internet and get the latest updates before you try to use Remote Play Together Invite Anyone, for the best results.

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To get someone khổng lồ play with you through Invite Anyone, first boot up a trò chơi that supports Remote Play Together. You can tell if a game supports Remote Play Together if it says so on the feature danh sách on its store page.


Click the banner, then copy the link you find in the Remote Play Together window. Paste this links to your friend, & they"ll get an invitation to download Steam links and join in the fun.


Once you"re done playing, click on the End Stream button at the top right of the remote play window. This will close down the stream to lớn your friends & put everything back to normal.

Playing Together, Made Easier

If you have a local co-op game you want to play with distant friends, Steam Remote Play makes it simple to lớn bring guests onto your PC. Now you can play games with anyone, even if they don"t have Steam downloaded.

If you"re curious about playing local co-op games over the internet, you should also check out Parsec. It"s a fantastic tool for playing games that Steam Remote Play doesn"t support.

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