2 : to size a thread by extruding a viscous rapidly hardening fluid —used especially of a spider or insect

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3a : to stretch out or extend (something, such as a story) lengthily : protract —usually used with out
1a : the act of spinning or twirling something also : an instance of spinning or of spinning something doing axels and spins an assortment of spins and lobs
2a : an aerial maneuver or flight condition consisting of a combination of roll & yaw with the longitudinal axis of the airplane inclined steeply downward
3a : a quantum characteristic of an elementary particle that is visualized as the rotation of the particle on its axis and that is responsible for measurable angular momentum & magnetic moment
b : the angular momentum associated with such rotation whose magnitude is quantized & which may assume either of two possible directions also : the angular momentum of a system of such particles derived from the spins & orbital motions of the particles
b(1) : a special point of view, emphasis, or interpretation presented for the purpose of influencing opinion put the most favorable spin on the findings

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spinless ˈspin-​ləs


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Synonyms for spin

Synonyms: Verb

Synonyms: Noun

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Verb The car hit a patch of ice và spun into the wall. The children were spinning a top. I tried to stand up but the room was spinning. She spun the silk into thread. They spun the wool into yarn. Noun the direction of the Earth"s spin The ice-skater executed graceful jumps and spins. A baseball thrown with spin is harder to lớn hit. She put spin on the ball. The bowler put a sideways spin on the ball. Each tác giả puts a new spin on the story. They claim to lớn report the news with no spin. He took me for a spin in his new car. Would you lượt thích to go for a spin? See More
Recent Examples on the Web: Verb Bearings slot inside the wheels, allowing the wheels to freely spin while staying attached to lớn the trucks. — Mike Senese, Wired, 15 Aug. 2022 Waterspouts occur relatively frequently on the water, Orrock said, but rarely spin up into anything serious or long-lived. — Scott Dance, Baltimore Sun, 5 Aug. 2022 Stop trying to explain his behavior & spin his words into something with potential. — Globe Staff, BostonGlobe.com, 1 July 2022 That included his step-back 3s, post-up and fadeaway shots on Deandre Ayton in the paint, spin moves toward layups, & crossover dribbles & deep shots such as the one which dropped Cam Johnson khổng lồ the floor. — Dana Scott, The Arizona Republic, 17 May 2022 This pair is built for mountain biking, a feat that requires much different features & functions than your typical road, gravel, or even spin cycling. — Alyssa Brascia, Peoplemag, 17 Aug. 2022 Companies serious about thought leadership will have a spokesperson who can spin an innovative story, & this person may become the face of the organization. — Steven Carlini, Forbes, 10 Aug. 2022 The race went back green on Lap 68, only for Jimmie Johnson to lớn spin by himself on Lap 72 coming back over the bridge heading into Turn 9. — Nathan Brown, The Indianapolis Star, 8 Aug. 2022 These simple motors attach khổng lồ either the front or rear axle—though the latter is most common—and spin to propel the rider forward. — Kevin Cortez, Popular Mechanics, 23 July 2022 Recent Examples on the Web: Noun lớn put your own spin on this, check your fridge và pantry. — Asha Loupy, Bon Appétit, 29 Aug. 2022 Coaches from coast lớn coast, across all levels of football, have put their spin on the system, adding new layers or stripping them away, implanting their own concepts atop Mumme’s original open-source philosophy. — Houston Mitchell, Los Angeles Times, 29 Aug. 2022 Our spin on the classic triple-layer Italian ice cream will have your mouth watering at a July 4th potluck. — Sarah Martens, Better Homes và Gardens, 25 Aug. 2022 Khloé Kardashian is putting her own personal spin on the street style scene"s beloved pink phase. — Chelsey Sanchez, Harper"s BAZAAR, 25 Aug. 2022 Thanks khổng lồ TikTok & other social truyền thông media apps, plus & mid-size people have begun to lớn put their own spin on the micro trend, pulling together outfits và silhouettes with affordable & size-inclusive retailers. — Ana Escalante, Glamour, 24 Aug. 2022 The resulting massive amounts of water create bulges that didn’t exist before, và so subtly alter the planet’s spin rate. — Manasee Wagh, Popular Mechanics, 16 Aug. 2022 and a clean biker short is just the thing for that heavy-sweat spin class. — Kristina Rutkowski, Vogue, 13 Aug. 2022 & to protect the baseball’s honor, M.L.B. Has taken several steps, including cracking down on the doctoring of balls with Gorilla Glue-like substances that allow a pitcher khổng lồ increase the spin rate và achieve almost Wiffle ball movement. — New York Times, 26 July 2022 See More

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First Known Use of spin


before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at intransitive sense 1


1831, in the meaning defined at sense 1a

History and Etymology for spin


Middle English spinnen, from Old English spinnan; akin khổng lồ Old High German spinnan to lớn spin và perhaps lớn Lithuanian spęsti khổng lồ set (a trap)